Noeline was the inspiration and driving force behind the website. After spending too many dusty or muddy days at the country markets she decided it was time to put her timeless handcrafts on to the “interwebs” and see if she could share her wares a bit further afield.

Crochet, Sewn and Knitted products are Noeline’s specialty. Crochet dresses for babies and toddlers (or for real dolls), padded coat hangers to stop your best dress or favorite t-shirt from getting those pointy dents on the shoulders. And old school things for the kitchen.

Noeline puts a lot of care and attention into her handcrafts and in this day and age they represent excellent value.

She is also willing to make to order or specific products for you. These require a deposit to be paid before she commences and work.

If you have any specific requests or questions … click here to send Noeline a message.

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